16th February 2018 Keeping Tropical Fish - Introduction - Black Widow Tetra

Tropical Fish for Beginners – Introduction

Welcome to this tropical fish for beginners guide. Believe me when I say this series started as a single article to get people started on the road to Keeping Tropical Fish. Yet as I started writing, I kept writing. I couldn’t just leave questions unanswered or information that could be interpreted in different ways. So this multi-tiered article arose to try and prevent harm to our aquatic animal’s and/or loss of money from bad setup choices.

Otocinclus aka Dwarf sucker Photo by Máté Molnár on Unsplash
Máté Molnár

I’ve been keeping tropical fish for years and prior to that helped take care of my dad’s tank. It’s a hobby I love and each fish brings with it its own personality. Their own splash of colour and something different. Over the years I’ve found my favourite fish, one is notoriously difficult to keep, the Otocinclus. If I can instil even the slightest bit of enthusiasm for keeping fish like I have for the hobby then I hope to keep you in good stead for keeping them safe. This is all my first-hand insights and experience. I hope it will help you find what the information you are looking for.

There are two rules I want you to keep in mind while reading this whole guide.


  • ALWAYS get the largest tank you can accommodate, both in physical space and budget!

  • Fish are NOT limited to tank size!! The myth that fish only grow to their tank size is false!


There are many aspects to consider when getting an aquarium. I’ve broken each section down to its own article to give it the attention to detail it deserves. The following links are to the articles about each section.

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