There are many, many different Payment Methods of buying things over the internet. What one person likes another might not. Maybe some people get extra store points or money back while using a certain payment method or card. Maybe it all boils down to personal preference or ease. In short, I want you to have a pleasant journey here on Myriad Supplies. This is why I have tried to implement your preferred payment method! Below is a brief description of why I have chosen these methods.



Paypal is one of the most well known online payment methods. There are two main areas you are prompted to pay with PayPal. The first being on the basket screen. Clicking the link will take you to the PayPal login, in order to save you time, PayPal will forward your delivery address after purchase. Then finally it appears on the checkout screen. once you have filled in your billing and/or delivery address select PayPal from the selection at the bottom where it will forward you to the PayPal login screen.


Stripe is a new kid on the block. It supports a massive range of payment methods including debit/credit card entry, google checkout and Apple Pay to name a few. It has many other methods as well but some are country or currency specific which is disabled here.

Stripe has a few different locations it will appear to help with payment. Firstly it should appear on a product page above the add to basket button. This will let you check out for that one specific product with Google Checkout/Apple Pay. If you would like to add more items, add items to the basket like normal and head to the basket screen. The basket screen has the same options as the products pages and should offer you to check out with either Google or Apple. The final place it appears is on the checkout screen. After filling in your billing/delivery address, select Stripe and enter your card information.

Amazon Pay

I am authorized by Amazon to use Amazon pay. The process is simple. You log into your Amazon account and proceed with the checkout.

Got Another Method?

Is there any other way you prefer to check out? Then drop me a message below and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

All checkout payments on our end adhere to our privacy policy which can be found here. However, each checkout method is handled and maintained by their respective third parties and their own privacy policy.

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