Rope Tug Of War Dog Tug Toy


Here we have a simple, yet fun dog tug toy.

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Here we have a simple, yet fun dog tug toy. This toy can all help with training as well as provide fun. Teaching a dog to listen to commands (fetch, bring it etc) by rewarding them with more fun! Soon enough your dog will understand that commands are important even without a toy to play with. It all equals to you having more control while helping your pet be more responsive.

The rope tug is suitable for a range of dog sizes. It can be used by a dog and a human or two dogs. With a strong loop at either end and a sturdy knot in the middle, you and your pet can have hours of fun!

Rope Tug Of War Dog Tug Toy Specifications

The rope tug is across 33cm long with a 6cm knot in the cente. It’s made from nylon in a range of colours. 

NOTE: All colours will vary and that no pet toy is indestructible.

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Weight 200 g


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